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Broyalty: the Middle Ages await! The mobile RPG featuring PVP throne battle and castlevania style castle defense. Without hustle, build your castle in the universe, where a knight, a princess, a king, an arena, and a castle exist peacefully together! Enjoy strategic battle, castle attack, and throne defense.

Go for it! Build castles, don't stand idle, fight! Rise to glory; let your kingdom have the great army it deserves! Lead it to war to save the princess!

The medieval kingdom battle has begun! Develop a strategy, become a king in the magic universe of Broyalty. Build a medieval shelter, gather an army of noble knights, level up your troops and characters, and protect your kingdom!

Don't hide from the fallout in your shelter, crush your enemies to defend your castle and save the princess! Fight in the arena, face goblins, trolls, and other make-believe creatures! Engage in combat with powerful mages, magicians, sorcerers, and fighters, complete quests, upgrade your castle, and receive generous rewards.

Not many can survive in this world. Your survival hangs in the balance between life and death! This is a true challenge, a medieval apocalypse, and the king is in danger! You are about to face war and battles, and you need a safe shelter. Anyone could attack, and that means anyone: zombies, an enemy guild, or a foreign emperor! An impregnable castle in your kingdom will save your clan in this survival mission!

Now you are the king of a medieval castle! Castle defense is on you!
Remember that strategic games require a lot of attention to detail. Mine resources and level up your army to defeat enemies. Buy weapons, train your soldiers, develop strategy, and think about your tactics before you start a battle. Victory is never easy.

Complete levels, travel across universes, discover new quests and plunge into new battles! Win a kingdom war in the Dark Ages! Prevent an apocalypse in this survival game. Build a shelter or a castle to survive and your guild will never forget you, brave knight!

Defend the castle of your dreams and save the princess!

Mobile RPG featuring the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, Rise of empire, castle construction, medieval kingdom battles, combat for survival. Be a legend, be a super star!

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